We Need Your Help to Make a Dream Come True

eBurgers is an All American Fast Food Restaurant Franchise concept featuring All Natural antibiotic/anti-hormone 100% beef and chicken food products.

eBurgers offers distinct quality focusing on serving Grade "A" All-Natural, healthy, and delicious quality tasting meals in a "comfortable tech-savvy atmosphere" with superb exceptional customer care service. We need your help to launch this concept.  We offer a healthy alternative:

"The taste of superb freshness and uncompromising quality is a pursuit well worth the venture!"
Invest in this new unique fast food restaurant concept

Invest in a new fast-food restaurant concept that makes delicious and natural healthy products.

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SouthwestLearn About eBurgers

eBurgers is a Fast-Food Restaurant Franchise Concept with a tech savvy-twist featuring revolutionary 100% All Natural Beef & Chicken Slider products. For more than five years, our Christian-based organization has been actively developing our strategic plan of logistical operations. We have an active well versed structured board in place, and executive chefs are creating delicious recipes with all natural ingredients.

The headquarters is located in the state of Southwest Florida, situated in Lee/Collier County where we will officially launch our restaurant brand. As the organization grows, we intend to expand our franchise operations throughout the state of Florida, Texas, California, and Puerto Rico. Each Franchise will be independently owned and operated.

Our current business projections include opening 100 independently owned and operated franchise locations throughout the state of Florida within the next ten years. We need your help to make a dream come true.

This is an amazing opportunity to sow seeds into a brand new restaurant franchise concept that has tremendous potential to create many job opportunities and individual wealth.


We are anxious to hear from you about our "Quality" Products and Services. Please get in touch with us using whichever method is most convenient for you.

Clinton L. Perryman, CEO
(239) 273-5597

Dianna D. Perryman, EVP
(239) 273-2999

Hours of Office Operations
Monday - Saturday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Service Area
United States and Territories

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